App Settings

The App Settings (or settings for Widgets) aren't described in detail here, since they depend on which apps are installed. The App Settings offer enhanced customizations for these additional tools. The apps don't appear in the list instantly after a fresh installation but after the first time you have run them: the applications need to register with the User Settings first. Please note that this applies to updated widgets (with new options) also. They need to be run once to make the new options become available.

Please note that the App Settings don't handle the preferences for the Run Mode, icons or the auto start feature. These settings are managed by the Custom Icon Manager.

As an example for what these settings do I mention Claw's Lock Screen widget. After you have run it for the first time to register it with the UI, it will appear in the App Settings. Now you can customize its appearance and functionality: Modifying the font color, the wallpaper and sleep timer settings for this specific widget for example.

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