These settings apply to the Browser.

For Wallpaper functionality, See Wallpaper Settings
For Static Playlists functionality, See Static Playlists
For Dynamic Playlists functionality, See Dynamic Playlists

Setting Description Values Default
Page 1
Hide Brackers When enabled, brackets are removed around Directory/Folder names No, Yes No
Directory Color Define RGB color to set when displaying Directory/Folder names RGB Color 0xFFFFFF (255/255/255)
File Color Define RGB color to set when displaying files/entries. Not active in Bookmark Stage RGB Color 0xFFFFFF (255/255/255)
Directory Prefix A single character to place in front of directory/folder names. Only used if 'Hide Brackets' is enabled Text <blank>
Directory Suffix A single character to place at the end of directory/folder names. Only used if 'Hide Brackets' is enabled Text <blank>
Scroll Button Color Define RGB color for the Scroll Bar knob/button RGB Color 0x67910F (103/145/15)
Next Folder Swipe Swipe gesture direction for moving to Into a Folder or Out of it Left to Right,
Right to Left
Left to Right
Disable Bookmarks If enabled, Bookmark stage is inaccessible. The browser only toggles between Browser and Favorites stage No, Yes No
MSC Playlists If enabled, Static Playlists created by [[MSC Playlist Editor]]] will be displayed at the 'Playlists' stage. Double-tap on a playlist to activate it No, Yes No
Show PL Track Count If enabled, number of tracks in Static Playlists will be displayed after playlist name, in brackets. Only used if 'MSC Playlists' is enabled No, Yes Yes
Page 2
Wallpaper Blender Set Wallpaper transparency values Blender Alpha 100 / 0

Special Options

Function Description
Clear Settings Resets all settings for this screen to their default values
Clear Wallpaper Clears wallpaper for this screen

Additional Functionality

  1. When Dynamic Playlists are enabled, deleting a track from Favorites stage will attempt to remove it from the Active playlist.

Files Used

  • browser_total.swf
  • SOL/browser_settings.sol - contains all settings configured by this screen.
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