Custom Icon Manager

Custom Icon Manager has three buttons at the bottom of the page, "New" and "Delete" to create or delete icons and "Configure Icon" to open the settings for an created icon. You can tap an icon to configure it as well. On the main page will be a list of icons you have created, displaying some basic information about the icon.

Icon Status (enabled/disabled) Icon Name Run Mode "Folder" or the targeted SWF file

Configure Icon

Setting Description Values Default
Page 1
Label Name of icon and its label. Alphanumeric Text Icon #
Type Type of icon, folder or application. Flash File, Folder Flash File
Flash File (.swf) Name of targeted flash file. Alphanumeric Text <blank>
Icon Image (.jpg or .png) Name of icon image file. If no custom icon is used, a default image will be used. Alphanumeric Text <blank>
Menu Placement Destination of created icon inside the menu (theme). Main Menu, Utilities Main Menu
Target Main Menu Menu (theme) destination of icon. All, Menu 1, Menu 2, Menu 3 All
Run Mode Run Mode of created icon. Please read the tutorial for detailed information on Run Mode selection. Flash Browser - Applications
Launcher - Applications
Widget - Claw's Widgets
Main Menu - UCI's
Music - Music UI's
Video - Video UI's
Flash Browser
Lock Screen Only enabled if Run Mode = Widget. Locks the screen input underneath a running widget. No, Yes Yes
Auto-Start Only enabled if Run Mode = Widget and Lock Screen = No. If enabled it will auto-start the widget. No
Always - every time the menu loads
On Startup - once on Startup
Allow Icon Themes Enables this icon for usage with Icon Themes. Please read the tutorial for detailed information on Icon Themes. No, Yes Yes
Page 2
Enabled A disabled icon will not show in the menu(s). If selected icon is a folder, stored icons will be reset to original position if disabled. No, Yes Yes

Below the Configure Icon Settings will a small preview been displayed, if an icon image file is placed with the related SWF file or in the Flash UI folder if it is used by a folder. This does not apply if you use Icon Themes. For a detailed description of usage of these features have a look at the tutorial.

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