Custom Icon Themes Tutorial

"How to use custom icon themes"

If you want to replace the embedded default icons and the icons of Claw's UCI you can use the custom icon themes feature. Once installed you will be able to select one of your created themes in the menu settings for each menu separately with the option Icon Theme on page 3. In fact this is a little icon theme manager. The advantage of having your own icons has a slight disadvantage as well: the system memory is used additionally so the initial startup of the player might increase about 2 to 3 seconds and the display of the menu would have a short delay, compareable to the usage of custom icons (which have been created for additional apps).

HINT: Be sure you use the correct upper-/lower-case spelling for the following changes. Otherwise you will have problems to get the icon themes working.

If you want to use this feature you have to do some preparations. First create a folder called "Themes" in your "Flash UI" folder. This folder works as your main directory for your icon themes. The themes themselves are stored in subfolders, which could be named as you like.

Furthermore you have to create a file called "themes.txt" which works as an ini-file for your theme manager:

<Theme name="Crystal"/>
<Theme name="Orbs"/>

These four lines are an example of how it has to look like. You can simply copy/paste them into your "themes.txt" (be sure to save it after your editing). As mentioned above the spelling of upper-/lower-case is very important with just one exception: of course you can name the themes like you want. Just make sure that the theme name has to be the same name as the related folder. You can use more than two themes as well, but the more themes you install, the higher the loss of performance might be (depending on how much icons you replace and how big their file size is).

Now to the icons. Make sure that you rename your icon file to match the icon to be replaced. The icons have to be in *.png format (Portable Network Graphics). You don't have to replace all icons. Only the icons you copy in your theme folder will be replaced. All others will still use the default ones. You can choose the following icons to be replaced:

  • Music -> music.png
  • Video -> video.png
  • Picture Viewer -> pictures.png
  • Documents -> documents.png
  • Flash -> flash.png
  • Browser -> browser.png
  • DMB -> dmb.png
  • Radio -> radio.png
  • Recorder -> recorder.png
  • Dictionary -> dictionary.png
  • Utilities -> utilities.png
  • Settings -> settings.png
  • 'Return Arrow' -> return_arrow.png
  • Calculator -> calculator.png
  • User settings -> user_settings.png
  • Bluetooth toggle -> bluetooth.png
  • Notepad -> notepad.png
  • Playlist Manager -> playlists.png
  • Hunter -> game_hunter.png
  • Icon Manager -> icon_manager.png

The recommended icon size is 68x68 at about 5-10 kilobytes per file, you can use larger icons in size and memory usage, but please have in mind that the larger the files, the slower your menu might work.

That's it. After you created the folders and the ini-file and after you copied the desired icons into your themes folders, the option "Icon Themes" will work as an icon theme manager and let you select all of your created themes and "none" to use the default icons. Just select one of your themes and it will be changed on the fly and be displayed as soon as you return to your menu. If your themes don't show up have a look at above hint please.

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