Dynamic Playlists

Dynamic Playlists can be created by the Playlist Manager and are used as on-the-fly option to create/modify playlists directly on your S9. They are created and used on the player itself and they don't interact with your favorite media manager and don't use the "Playlists" folder on your device.

To use this feature you will have to activate it first: Claw's User Settings -> System -> Dynamic Playlists. If activated you will have an additional heart-shaped icon (Playlist Chooser menu) on your music interface footer which lets you select and load a certain playlist instantly (by default on footer side B, it will be "greyed out" if no playlist has been created yet). Furthermore the icon which lets you add tracks to the favorites and bookmarks will let you add tracks directly to a certain playlist.

HINT: You might need to restart your player to get the Playlist Chooser icon available.

"How to use the Playlist Manager"


The Playlist Manager

The Playlist Manager will give you the possibility to create up to 10 dynamic playlists which each can contain up to 256 tracks (maximum size due to firmware limitations). The main part shows the playlists and the number of tracks of each.

Edit Tracks

I guess this feature is pretty self explaining, you can use it to modify your playlists, remove single tracks and change their position within the playlist.

HINT: Please note that every time you go into this menu, the playlist is reviewed and repaired if its out of sync, so if you experience a wrong track count, use Edit Tracks to repair the data.

Shuffle Tracks

Use "Shuffle Tracks" to manually shuffle the tracks of the activated playlist.


Activates a certain playlist: The tracks of a playlist are loaded into the favorites. Please note that all changes made to an activated playlist have an effect on the favorites and vice versa (if you delete a track in the favorites it will be deleted in the playlist as well).

Global Settings & Configure Playlist

These are advanced options and their menu descriptions follow below.

New, Fill from Fave, Delete

The buttons "New" and "Delete" create a new playlist or delete an existing one. "Fill from Fave" is an option to fill the active playlist with all tracks currently saved in your favorites.


Global Settings

The Global Settings determine the behavior of the Playlist Manager menu and the playlist selection in the music interface.

  • Auto-Play Playlists - will automatically start the playback of an activated playlist (this includes the playlists loaded by the Playlist Chooser menu in the music interface)
  • Double-Tap Function - configures the double-tap in the Playlist Manager: None, Configure - opens Configure Playlist menu, Activate - activates a certain playlist
  • Allow Duplicates - allow duplicates in playlists (global setting which could be overridden by the option of a certain playlist)
  • Chooser Transparency - configures the transparency of the Playlist Chooser menu in the music interface
  • Auto-Clean Playlists -

The Special Options in this menu let you clear the settings to default and let you clear the favorites completely. The latter feature becomes quite handy if you want to create larger playlists in combination with the "Fill from Fave" feature.


Configure Playlists

This menu configures the settings for each playlist separately.

  • Name - name of the playlist
  • Color - color of the playlists name in the Playlist Manager and the Playlist Chooser menu in the music interface
  • Playlist EQ - EQ settings can be automatically changed if playlist is loaded
  • Shuffle - shuffle settings can be automatically changed if playlist is loaded
  • Allow Duplicates - overrides the global "Allow Duplicates" settings

The Special Options in this menu let you clear the settings to default and let you remove all tracks of the selected playlist.

Backup & Files

You can backup your playlists by copying the relating sol-files to your pc. These can be found in the folder


and they are named dynplaylist_n.sol while "n" is a placeholder for the number of the playlist. Its numbers will start with "0" so dynplaylist_0.sol will be the first playlist in your Playlist Manager.

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