General Questions / Installation

Q: I just installed Claw's UCI but I have no User Settings or the settings won't work correct?

A: Make sure you installed not only the latest patch, but the latest full version before for your first install. The patches just include some of the files (which have been updated) needed for the UCI. But you need to install the full version to get all features to work correct.

Note that from version 3.27 following the installation pack just includes mainmenu1.swf. You can use it as mainmenu2/3 as well but have to copy and rename it. If you didn't do so, your mainmenu2/3 would stay default, which means the settings aren't displayed/won't work here.

Q: There are different launcher files available, do I have to copy them all?

A: No. Please have a look at the installation-instructions.

Q: Will any other UCI work with Claw's UCI?

A: Depends on whether its supporting its usage or not. Have a look at the related thread you got the theme from.

Settings & Backup

Q: If I update my version of Claw's UCI will I lose my settings?

A: No. All your settings (including icons and their positions) are saved in SOL-files stored in the SOL folder which is in the Flash UI folder. But nonetheless it might be a good idea to make a backup your Flash UI folder on your PC for safety (in case of an firmware update for example).


Q: My Icon Themes won't work but I set everything up like described.

A: Please check your system settings whether file extensions are displayed or not. By accident you could have named your "themes.txt" -> "themes.txt.txt".

Q: I created some icons for Menu 2/3 but they won't show up?

A: You need to have a compatible "mainmenu2/3.swf" installed.

Q: Can I replace the default icons by custom icons?

A: Yes, you can. Have a look at the Icon Themes.


Q: I can't set my wallpapers, they just won't show up?

A: You have to select the wallpaper in "Folder" mode to make this feature work. That means that if you browse for your wallpaper, make sure to start your browsing by the top folder "Folders" in the main directory. Don't use the "Pictures" folder directly! This applies to the Browser and the Picture Viewer.

You need to have a compatible interface installed. Most other UCI's do not support the usage of custom wallpapers so you won't be able to apply a wallpaper to different "music.swf", etc. as well.

Q: If I use the "Per Screen" wallpaper mode and only set one wallpaper, it will always been displayed in other screens as well (at least in the background). Even if I clear this wallpaper in other screens it will be back after restarting the player?

A: This is affected by the interior settings how Claw's UCI works. At the moment he is working on an option to disable this and the only way to have screens partially with/without wallpapers would be to create a *.jpg which looks like the background without wallpaper.


Q: My just installed application only works in landscape mode but is displayed vertical?

A: You installed it to the wrong folder / use the wrong Run Mode. Some applications need to be run from the "Flash" folder ("Flash Browser" mode), others need to be run from the "Flash UI" folder ("Launcher" mode). The answer from where to run your file is most often described in the related thread you got the application from. You will find more information in the Custom Icon Manager tutorial.

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