Installation Instructions

Important Notice

To install any UCI your S9 must be set to MSC mode (not MTP)! Otherwise you won't have access to the System/Flash UI folder.


Be sure to install the latest full version (pack) before installing the latest patch, if this is a first time installation. A patch does not include all files necessary to run the UCI.

To install the pack:

  1. Download all required files to the PC
  2. Mount S9 to the PC
  3. Extract all files into <Cowon>/System/Flash UI directory.
  4. Copy and rename mainmenu1.swf to mainmenu2/3.swf if desired (optional)
  5. Restart the S9
  6. Press Utilities icon
  7. Press User Settings icon and start configuring.

Please note that if you just copied the unmodified installation files to your S9, the changes will only apply to the first menu and you will not see any differences in the second menu.

Different Launcher Versions

The "launcher.swf" is provided with different FPS-settings (experimental, FPS = frames per second). If you want to use a version with higher FPS you should know that this can boost up the performance of your menu, but may have an effect on video display and may reduce the battery life. To use a launcher with higher FPS just rename the certain file to launcher.swf, you don't need to copy all the launcher files to the player. If you don't want to try a launcher with higher FPS just use the launcher.swf file (standard 24 FPS).

Wallpaper UI as Menu/Theme 2/3

Why to use Claw's UCI as menu 2 and/or menu 3 as well? - Each menu is customizable separately, with different wallpaper settings and icon settings. So if you like to customize more than one menu just use the mainmenu1.swf for your other menus, too.

If you want to use the UCI for other menus as well, just copy and rename the mainmenu1.swf to mainmenuN.swf (N being placeholder for the desired menu number), and copy these files to the Flash UI directory as well.



Successful Installation Check


The Menu

The image shows how the first mainmenu should look like, after you installed Wallpaper UI. Please note that there is no optical change at first but a third icon (3) in the theme bar / menu selector.

Description of the theme selector bar:

1. Theme/Menu #1: This is the icon for the first theme / menu. It is related to the file mainmenu1.swf. If you just installed the basic files coming with the installation pack, only in this menu you will find the User Settings in the Utilities folder. You have to switch to this menu, if you have used the colored theme (2) before you installed the files.

2. Theme/Menu #2: This icon is for the second theme / menu. You can choose to copy and rename Claw's mainmenu1.swf to mainmenu2.swf to activate customizations for this menu as well. Otherwise it will lead to the default menu 2 or another UCI you installed as menu 2. If you don't use Claw's mainmenu, you neither have the third theme icon nor the User Settings icon in the Utilities folder in this theme / menu.

3. Theme/Menu #3: This icon will only appear after successful installation of Claw's Wallpaper UI and only in the theme / menu you installed Claw's mainmenu1.swf to. As like in menu 2 you can choose to copy and rename the mainmenu file to mainmenu3.swf to extend your number of usable themes to three (*) and customize it as well. Of course it is possible to use other UCI's as menu 3 but please make sure they are compatible with Claw's UI and please note, that customizations might not work with other UCI's.

(*) With Claw's theme-tracker you are able to use more than three themes / menus, but only the first three are accessible by the theme bar selector. Please read more in the appropriate section about how to use more than 3 themes.


The Utilities Folder

This picture shows the Utilities folder after installing Wallpaper UI. You have four additional icons:

1. User Settings: This is the heart of Wallpaper UI. In the User Settings you will find all customisation options. For a detailed description follow the links on the main page, please.

2. Bluetooth: The Bluetooth icon is a button to toggle the bluetooth feature directly instead using the Cowon settings.

3. Playlists: This is a shortcut to the Dynamic Playlist manager (also accessible by the User Settings).

4. Icon Manager: The last new icon is a shortcut to the Custom Icon Manager (which is accessible by the User Settings as well). The Custom Icon Manager is used to create new icons for folders (and the folders themselves) or additional Flash apps or games.


Just a short notice if you don't keep the Wallpaper UCI up-to-date for some time: If your last update of a pack was some time ago and newer packs have been released in the meantime, it is recommended to install the latest pack before the latest patch, since the patches don't include always all files.

Pack: latest full version including all files

Patch: updates of the latest modified files only

Deinstallation & Backup

To uninstall the UCI you just have to delete all content of the Flash UI folder, not the folder itself! This will delete all UCI files and saved settings (please note that if you only want to remove a specific UCI, you have to know which files exactly to remove). You don't have to worry about the default Cowon UI: it is integrated in the firmware and will install itself again automatically with the next restart of the player.

If you want to backup your UCI files, if you want to try beta versions or try some UCI combinations being unsure about compatibility for example, you can copy the Flash UI folder to your hard disk before applying changes. All changed settings, icon files, etc. are saved and can easily be restored by copying them back to the player.

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