Menu 1 - 3

The settings apply only to mainmenu1.swf and mainmenu2.swf included with the UI Pack. Menu 3 is to use by another UCI developer if they like. Wallpaper UI is not packaged with one.


  • Alpha of 100 means that an object is completely Opaque (nothing can be seen through).
  • Alpha of 0 means that an object is completely transparent (invisible).


Setting Description Values Default
Lock Icons If turned off, icons can move freely around the stage. Otherwise, they are locked in place No, Yes No
Snap to Grid If turned on, moving icons are snapped to an imaginary grid No, Yes No
Grid Size (x) Number of Columns in the Grid. Only used if Snap to Grid is active 2 - 8 4
Grid Size (y) Number of Rows in the Grid. Only used if Snap to Grid is active 2 - 8 6
Hide Icon Labels If activated, Icon labels are hidden No, Yes No
Icon Transparency Allows icon to become semi-transparent and blend with the background 0 - 100 100
Icon Arrival Effect An effect to get icons into the stage. None - Icons just appear
Drop In - Icons fall into the Stage
Fade In - Icons fade into view
Drop In
Icon Animation Speed A relative rate of icon animation. Only used if Icon Arrival Effect is not set to NONE 1 - 10 5
Icon Label Color Color if Icon's Label. Only used if Icon labels are not hidden RGB Value 0xFFFFFF (255/255/255)
Title Text displayed at the top of the Menu Alphanumeric Text Cowon S9
Title Color Color of the Title RGB Value 0xFFFFFF (255/255/255)
Current Track Display If activated, currently playing music track is displayed at the top, to the right of the clock No, Yes No
Current Track Color Color of Current Track. Only used if Current Track Display is enabled RGB Value 0xFFFFFF (255/255/255)
Allow Theme Bar Hide If enabled, allows Theme Bar to be rolled out of the way No, Yes No
Start Theme Bar Closed If enabled, the Theme Bar will be rolled up (closed) by default. Only used if Allow Theme Bar Hide is enabled No, Yes No
Theme Bar Tab Alpha Transparency value of the tab used to roll the Theme Bar. Only used if Allow Theme Bar Hide is enabled 0 - 100 100
Empty Area Touch A function triggered by pressing an area not occupied by an icon or another widget None - No function
Hide Overlays - When triggered, will hide the top and bottom overlay. Repeat function to return the overlays
Hide Overlay on Start If enabled, the overlays are hidden by default. Only used if Empty Area Touch is set to 'Hide Overlays' No, Yes No
Icon Scale Allows expanding or shrinking the icons, though quality will decrease. 30% - 150% 100%
Custom Icons If enabled, custom icons are loaded. Generally it is ok to leave this function on, unless there are performance issues No, Yes Yes
Wallpaper Blender Set Wallpaper transparency values Blender Alpha 100 / 0

Special Options

Option Description
Clear Settings Reset all settings to their default values
Clear Wallpaper Removes wallpaper assigned to this screen
Reset Icons Resets icon position and page placement

Files Used

  • mainmenu1.swf
  • mainmenu2.swf
  • SOL/menu1_settings.sol - settings for Menu 1
  • SOL/menu2_settings.sol - settings for Menu 2
  • SOL/menu3_settings.sol - settings for Menu 3 (not packaged with this UCI)
  • SOL/menu1_layout.sol - icon position and page placement for Menu 1
  • SOL/menu2_layout.sol - icon position and page placement for Menu 2
  • SOL/icondef_N.sol - custom icon configuration files
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