Music UI

The User Settings allow a variety of modifications to customize and enhance the original music interface. You are able to choose wallpaper settings for your music screen separately, change the appearance and color of playtime and info and modify the look of the album art to name but a few. For a detailed list of the specific user settings use the links on the main page, please.


Play Info & More

You can customize all information related to your audio files displayed in the Music UI. There are options for font color, size, style (normal, bold, italic) or content, depending which element of the screen you are modifying.

Title Content

  • Filename
  • Title
  • Album - Title
  • Artist - Title
  • Status

Play Info Display

  • Order of displayed information
  • each of the parts: artist, track, album
  • can be arranged above album art
  • Play Info Touch function possible: Hide Overlays, Play/Pause, Quicklist

Seek Bar Color

Play Time

Total Time

Track Count

All settings can be found in User Settings -> Music.


Artist / Album Hotlinks

If enabled in your Music Settings, you can choose to display buttons for Artist and Album Hotlinks. These work as a shortcut to instantly fill your now-playing-queue with tracks of chosen artist or album.


Some like it, some hate it. You can choose whether to use it or not.

Album Art

There are several possibilities to change the appearance of your album art. You can:

  • disable the album art at all
  • use large album art (using the complete width of the screen)
  • change the color of the album art frame or disable it
  • use a vignette for the album art
  • replace the default blank album art image with an custom image of your choice
  • let the album art slide in and out

All these settings or managed in User Settings -> Music -> Album Art.

Large Album Art

The Large Album Art feature is activated in User Settings -> Music -> Album Art -> Large Album Art. You can further decide if you want your art to be stretched if smaller than 272x272 pixels.

Blank Album Art

You can choose to replace the default blank album art image with a custom image of your choice. To do so you need a new image which must be in PNG format, dimensions 272x272 (large album art) or 200x200 (small album art) and must be saved in your Flash UI folder (<Cowon>:/System/Flash UI).

To activate you have to use the settings in User Settings -> Music -> Album Art -> Blank Album Art and enter the filename of the picture.


Album Art Vignette

Like using a vignette for a wallpaper you can choose to use one for your album art as well. This particular function allows selection of three built-in vignettes and allows typing in a filename of another custom one (272x272 pixels, PNG format, saved in Flash UI folder). At the moment the vignette can only be used for Large Album Art.

User Settings -> Music -> Album Art -> Vignette Style

  • None: This is default, and disables the function.
  • Custom: Enter filename in Music -> Album Art -> Vignette File
  • Vignette 1: Sample vignette 1
  • Vignette 2: Sample vignette 2
  • Silver Frame: A sample silver frame

Hint from Claw: I would recommend not using Album Art Frame when using vignettes. I added a sample frame because same function can be used to create interesting frame effects as well.


Music UI Footer

The Footer of the Music UI can be customized by the settings in:

User Settings -> Music -> Footer Settings

(on page 2 of the Music settings)

1. Disable Side B: This option lets you disable the B side of the footer. It can't be flipped afterwards.

2. Side A/B Color: Lets you choose separate colors for side A/B icons of the footer. The color can only be chosen for each side, not for each icon.

3. Functions: Opens the menu to customize the footer icons for both sides. You can completely rearrange the icons if you like.

This way you can customize the appearance and functionality of the footer by your likings. For example you can sort out icons you rarely use (A->B) and compress all icons needed to one footer side configuring each slot and disable the other footer side. You can even assign new functions like User Settings or the Lock Screen widget. The color of the icons can only be changed side wise, not for each icon separately.


Swipe & Shake

The Swipe & Shake submenu

User Settings -> Music -> Swipe and Shake

(on page 1 of the Music settings)

not only offers the possibility to change the directions of the swipes and shakes for next/previous track, but lets you enhance the functionality of your Music UI by adding swipe up/down motions with customized functions of your choice. You can choose one of the following functions for the up and down motion separately:

  • None
  • Browser
  • Favorites
  • Bookmarks
  • Main Menu
  • Volume Up/Down (depending on swipe motion)
  • Video
  • Playlist Manager
  • User Settings
  • Lock Screen (Lock Screen widget required)

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