Picture Viewer

These settings apply to the Picture Browser

Setting Description Values Default
Page 1
Overlay On Start Defines if overlays are displayed over images in Full Screen mode. Overlays may always be toggled by touching the screen No, Yes No
Enable Hourglass Displays or hides hourglass when transitioning from one image to another in Full Screen mode No, Yes Yes
Double-Tap Zoom When enabled, double-tap image in Full Screen mode will automatically zoom the image. Double-tap delay may be configured in System -> Double Tap Delay setting No, Yes No
Zoom to Native Size When double-tap is used, zoom to actual size of the image by default. Only used if 'Double-Tap to Zoom' is enabled No, Yes No
Default Zoom When double-tap is used, zoom in to this scale. Only used if 'Double-Tap Zoom' is enabled, and 'Zoom to Native Size' is disabled 100% - 200% 100%
Slide Show Delay Number of seconds to wait before moving to next picture in Slide Show mode 1s - 30s 4s
Next Picture Shake Set direction of shake to change to the next picture. Only works in full screen mode, shake control is diabled in slide show.

Special Options

Function Description
Clear Settings Resets all settings for this screen to their default values

Files Used

  • picture.swf
  • SOL/picture_settings.sol - contains all settings configured by this screen.
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