System settings apply globally to the entire UI, and are primarily used by launcher.swf UI component.

For Wallpaper functionality, See Wallpaper Settings
For Theme Tracker functionality, See Theme Tracker
For Static Playlists functionality, See Static Playlists
For Dynamic Playlists functionality, See Dynamic Playlists
For Custom Icons functionality, See Custom Icons

Setting Description Values Default
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Wallpaper Mode Identifies the wallpaper function. Default
Per Screen
Wallpaper Timeline Activates Wallpaper Timeline feature. Only used if Wallpaper Mode is set to 'Per Screen' No, Yes No
Fade Wallpaper When active, fades wallpaper beween screens. Only used if Wallpaper Mode is set to 'Per Screen'. It will slow down screen transitions slightly No, Yes No
Default Wallpaper Alpha Transparency value to which wallpaper is set unless individual screen overrides it. Also used during wallpaper fade to indicate a transition from screen to screen. Only used if Wallpaper Mode is set to 'Per Screen' 0 - 100 100
Fade Rate Relative rate of fade of the wallpaper as it transitions from one screen to another. Only used if Fade Wallpaper function is enabled 1 - 15 5
Show BT Connect Stat If enabled, little Bluetooth icon at the top if each UI will change its color when connection to a device is established. No, Yes No
BT Connect Stat Color Color of the BT Connect Indicator. Only used if 'Show BT Connect Stat' is enabled RGB Value 0x65FF98 (101/255/152)
Auto-Play on Start If enabled, S9 will start playing music the moment it comes up No, Yes No
Auto-Resume Last Screen If enabled, S9 will remember which UI screen was open when it was shut down, and will attempt to restart directly into that screen next time it is activated No, Yes No
Theme Tracker Activates Theme Tracker functionality No, Yes No
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Dynamic Playlists Activates Dynamic Playlists functionality No, Yes No
Double-Tap Delay If two taps occur in the interval less than this value, the taps are treated as a Double-Tap, for use in various screens 100ms - 2000ms 200ms
System Info Freq Number of milliseconds to wait between updates to Clock and Battery. Higher values may theoretically improve performance 500ms - 10000ms 500ms
Max Static Playlists Maximum number of Static Playlists supported by the player. If number is very large, slight performance penalty may occur. 10 - 1000 100
Max Custom Icons Maximum number of Custom Icons supported. Lower number may improve performance 10 - 200 40
Reduce Volume on Start When enabled, will lower the volume to a predefined value when S9 starts No, Yes No
Max Start Volume Maximum volume to maintain when S9 starts. If actual volume is higher, it will be lowered to this value. If value is already lower, nothing will happen. Only used if 'Reduce Volume on Start' function is enabled 1 - 40 25
Force Start Volume Start the player at a default volume level. Can not be used with Reduce Volume on Start function. 1-40 25
Require PIN On Start Activates Login PIN No, Yes No
Login PIN Enter numeric Login PIN of any length Numbers <not set>
Login Welcome Message Enter custom welcome message for login screen Alphanumeric Text <blank>
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Welcome Message Color Color of welcome message RGB Value 0xFFFFFF (255/255/255)
Welcome Msg Font Size Font size of welcome message 16
Shake Direction Set shake direction Shake Left, Shake Right Shake Left
Header Clock Color Color of Header Clock RGB Value 0xD7FF32 (215/255/50)
Header Volume Color Color of Header Volume (number) RGB Value 0xCCCCCC (204/204/204)

Special Options

Function Description
Clear Settings Resets all settings for this screen to their default values
Clear Global Wallpaper ???

Files Used

  • launcher.swf
  • SOL/system_settings.sol - contains all settings configured by this screen.
  • SOL/lastscreen.sol - stores last open screen, for use with 'Auto-Resume Last Screen' setting.
  • SOL/wallpaperset.sol - stores wallpaper names and timelines.
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