Theme Tracker

The integrated theme tracker allows you combine different UCI#s or their parts with Claw's UCI. The other UCI's or parts have to be compatible to do so. The files of these have to be renamed according to the theme number you want them to be.

  • mainmenuN.swf
  • N_music.swf
  • N_radio.swf

Please note that only themes 1-3 are selectable by icons in the theme bar selector. Theme 4 is reserved for Cowon's Widget menu screen. You can use more additional themes by creating Custom Icons and using numbers from 5 and above. For a detailed guide have a look at the following tutorial.

"How to use different themes with Claw's UCI"

First of all you should activate the Theme Tracker on page 1 of the System Settings in Claw's User Settings. Generally you have to know that the different themes on the S9 are named mainmenu1.swf, mainmenu2.swf and so on. All theses system files are located in the folder:

<Cowon S9>:\System\Flash UI

Theoretically you can use unlimited themes, but there is a gap at theme 4, since Cowons Widget menu will be treated as theme 4. If you would install a mainmenu4.swf it would be ignored by Cowons firmware. You can use a 4_music.swf though, which would work as a music menu for the widget screen. So after theme 3 the count has to start again at mainmenu5.swf. You can simply rename the files of other UCI's you want to install.

Because there are only 3 icons in the theme bar selector, you will have to create icons for them to start for everything above number 3. You can do this by selecting icon Run Mode = Main Menu (according to the settings for Custom Icons).

HINT: The more themes you use, the more system memory of your S9 will be used. So you might decrease performance by using more themes.

Basically it would be possible to replace one of Claw's mainmenu files by another UCI, but please be aware, that this needs to be compatible to Claw's UCI or there might be some major problems in its usage. For simply added themes there is the only restriction, that normally Claw's features won't work with them, since most other UCI's aren't compatible to the usage
of these features. But some themes use other file structures and therefore could affect the whole function.

Of course you can have custom music interfaces music.swf as well. These files must be renamed as following: 1_music.swf, 2_music.swf and ongoing, corresponding to the theme you want to use the specific music interface with. The same applies to all other system files needed by the addional UCI's. But again it has to be said, that Claw's features wouldn't work with these files unless they support them.

HINT: The Text Input doesn't support the underscore symbol at the moment. So if you have to create icons for addiotional themes (four or more themes) you will have to use a workaround to insert the underscore for creating the icon - by automatically replacing a question mark with underscore: So 3?music.swf will be saved as 3_music.swf. This only works when entering flash file names or image names.

For information about other UCI's and their specific installation requirements/compatibility to Claw's UCI have a look at their threads please.

A simple example:

You use Claw's UCI and want to use the Cube S9 Music Tab music interface (credits to for your first theme. Make sure you rename Claw's original music.swf in the Flash UI folder of your S9 to 2_music.swf. Then rename the Cube's file to 1_music.swf. If you will start your player now you will have the standard looking (but upgraded by Claw's
features) music interface used in theme 2. The music interface in theme one will be Cube's very different music screen, but doesn't feature the usage of Claw's Playlists since it doesn't supports it.

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